About Specter Ops

Specter Ops is a boardgame created by Plaid Hat Games, in which players are trying to locate/capture a mysterious agent, who keeps track of their sneaking via a private map. For more information visit the official page on Plaid Hat's website.

About this app

This is a fan-made, unofficial web app that is meant to be used by the agent player to track their private information, as an alternative to the paper maps provided in the game box. This is not a fully digital implementation of the game, and you still need the boardgame in order to play. The app should work on all resolutions, although a tablet is probably the most convenient way to use it. Features include :

For any questions or suggestions about the app, please open an issue on GitHub. The app is and will continue to be 100% ad and tracker free. If you'd like to thank or help me to continue maintaining this app (and other boardgame companion apps), please consider buying me a coffee :

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Can I play with the Artic Archives map ? Not yet, I may add this later if there's any interest so please let me know.
Why is the hunters' car not displayed on the map ? Since the car doesn't directly affect line of sight and the UI is already very busy, I decided not to display it. You can add any hunters in the card directly to the map.
Can I track the usage of my items with the app ? No, you'll need to do it outside the app. If you have ideas / suggestions about how this could be implemented in nice way, please get in touch.
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